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Software & Hardware as a Service

Cutting edge, fully modular and scalable virtual and mixed reality solutions for healthcare. Regular application updates as well as free hardware upgrades guarantees your facility stays in the forefront of health innovation.


  • Six degrees of Freedom
  • Lightweight
  • Tetherless (no cables)
  • Infection control

Vision Platform

  • Analytics
  • Companion mobile app
  • AI assessment
  • 3rd party system integration

Client & Patient Care

  • Interactive VR

  • 360 Video & Photo

  • Mini games

Medical Training


  • Medical equipment

  • General procedure


  • Facility tour

  • Services showcase



Improve your clients quality of life by deploying cutting edge technology to help decrease pain, anxiety, depression and more. The result is happier clients, increased mental activity and reduced operational cost.

Retirement Homes

Transform your recreational program by giving your clients a completely new way to interact, explore and provide unforgettable fulfilling experiences. Marketing addon allows for the virtual tours of your homes

Long-Term Care

Provide your clients with unprecedented freedom & variety of choice by utilising cutting edge VR solutions. Immersive believable worlds will give them the opportunity to discover and experience the world in a whole new way.

  • Other facilities
  • Home Care
  • Community Centre
  • Clinics
  • Hospice Care
  • Nursing Homes


VR Vision is an official commercial partner with the Ontario Retirement Communities Association


Head mounted displays provided to our healthcare clients adhere to much higher standards compared to those used for consumers or general business.

  • Six degrees of Freedom

To meet healthcare facility standards our headsets provide 6DOF. User movement is tracked and displayed in VR from all directions. This paired with high computing power eliminates any feeling of discomfort or nausea found in older or phone powered technology.

  • Lightweight & Ergonomic

The technology we use guarantees maximum comfort by providing state of the art weight distribution and keeping weight at under 360g.

  • Tetherless & Computer Free

The HMD’s we utilize are completely wireless with battery power that lasts up to three hours. There is also no need for PC connectivity greatly reducing the burden on IT.

  • Lightweight & Ergonomic

The technology we use gurantees maximum comfort by providing state of the art weight distribution and keeping weight at under 360g.

  • Free Hardware Upgrades

Technology is advancing at incredible rates, making it difficult to forecasst and plan long term. This is why we provide free upgrades to the latest technology averaging once every 2-3 years. This ensures your organization a competitive technology lead.


A single unified system that can host a variety of applications and analytics engine as well as multi headset mobile control.


Scalable & Flexible

Flexible & scalable underlying infrastructure. Enables organizations to start small and simple and expand organically from our turnkey client care offering to more custom training and marketing offers.

Companion Mobile App

Enabling healthcare practitioners and staff to control the content displayed in the headsets.


Track user and usage data directly from the mobile or web platforms.

Third Party System Integration

Allow for integration with third party application management systems.

AI Assessments

Utilizing AI technology to provide relevant and accurate assessments.


Consumers report the biggest priority in health care is personalization of care. VR/AR digital client immersion technology can engage clients in low-risk, artificially generated sensory experiences that could accelerate behavior changes in a way that is safer, more convenient, and more accessible.

Virtual reality therapy has been evidenced to help limit the brain processing pain and reduce pain in patients. Thus, it can help shorten the length of the patient’s stay in a hospital or improve their quality of life when in a retirement home, which also lowers the costs of care.

Explore (3D Interactive)

Immersive 3D CGI environments to explore various types of environments ranging from forests, deserts, woodlands, tropics and beachs and even asian temples. All of these environments are fully interactive with animals and unique CGI elements to whisk the user into a virtual oasis and captivate their mind.

Expedition (360 Photo/Video)

Amazing picturesque 360 video and photo experiences from around the world to allow the user to drift away from reality and experience places they may never have been before in a unique and immersive way. The 360 photos and videos are fully 3D and at a minimum 4K resolution to give the user the best experience possible.

Excite (VR Mini Games)

Lightweight interaction games that provide a sense of achievement and higher degree of interaction. These games are designed to be easy to learn and fun to play for users of all types.



Medical training is designed from scratch taking into consideration your specific facility needs. While using the underlying platform and high end tetherless HMD’s.


VR training is unparalleled as a method for learning when information that needs to be acquired is complex. Also, where trainees must try to grapple with difficult-to-observe phenomena that occur rarely or in dangerous situations. The advantages offered by VR for the above scenarios are in faster and better learning at lower cost.


Hands on simulations providing a mix of real world 360 footage and 3D interactive scenarios.

Medical Equipment

Hands on education using complex equipment. Allows for personnel to train for proper usage of devices.

General Procedure

Zero risk procedure training enables personnel to practise complicated and dangerous procedures without the risk of harm.


With immersive technology and virtual reality you position yourself as a technology leader in the world of healthcare which opens up new opportunities and business. Being an early adopter of virtual reality as well will give you a leg up on your competitors who may be using outdated methods of entertainment and patient care.


“Older Adults were delighted with the high-tech experience. One of the groups that experience early signs of dementia, were so happy with the beautiful virtual scenarios. Some didn’t want to stop the mind-change experience. The more active groups had the opportunity to experience something that was unconceivable to them. They were very empowered with the unique futuristic experience. They loved the digital sensations, the notion of virtual space. They were very thankful for the opportunity to expand their horizons, to be up-to-date with new technologies, increasing their sense of belonging and dignity. They felt socially engaged and connected. We recommend VR Vision to all our partners, Community and Health Centers and other Organizations / Corporations in the Community and Social Services, as well as Long-Term Care. The VR Sessions were very professional, flexible, senior friendly, sensitive and compassionate. Thanks to the wonderful team. Having a nurse in the team makes everyone feel better and safe.”

Lucia Ramos
Seniors Community Development Program Worker
West Neighbourhood House

“Our seniors really enjoyed the VR Experience! It was a technology that was very new to them and they were very interested in learning how VR works and the different equipment involved. The different themes provided a relaxing experience for our seniors. The imaging was very clear and the background music complimented it very well. The Standalone VR Headset was fun to experience as well because of it’s interactive component. It was interesting to hear the other uses VR had in different settings/groups of people. You hear about VR more these days but it’s not until you experience it that you can actually know what it is all about. You feel totally engaged in the experience and seem to forget about your actual surroundings – which can be relaxing.”

Linh Dao
EPC – Program Facilitator
The Neighbourhood Group

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