Case Study: Avangrid

Learn how Avangrid and Avangrid Renewables (A member of the Iberdrola group) harnessed the power of virtual reality for training their front line workers and electrical technicians all of across North America.

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Avangrid & Avangrid Renewables (Iberdrola)

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Ongoing 2019-2024

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Portland, OR

Client Profile

Avangrid is a leading sustainable energy company transitioning America toward a clean and connected future headquartered in Orange, CT, and has a footprint in 24 states with $41 billion in assets.



Avangrid Renewables was looking to streamline and innovate their maintenance crew training scenarios in order to be more efficient and improve onboarding and time to value for learning. They looked to use VR as a means to deliver a safe and controlled virtual environment whereby maintenance crews could standardize their learning efficacies and improve processes. VR Vision looked to develop an entire maintenance operation using the Oculus Quest in order to facilitate mock training exercises for the maintenance technicians.


Technology & Services

VR Vision provided hundreds of Oculus Quest’s to be set up at the Avangrid training dojo but also distributed across the US to deliver a suite of immersive learning modules for a variety of technical roles. VR Vision also provided hardware support and maintenance as well as updates throughout all facilities. The training modules were loaded into Oculus for Businss (Meta for Work) with a user login that tracked results and pushed the data back to their internal LMS.

Avangrid and VR Vision created a corporate learning metaverse. This is a persistent virtual multiplayer simulation - where trainers and trainees can meet and learn in a safe and scalable way across all states. The courses focused on different technical learning modules, such as; Substation Walkthrough, Win Turbine Maintenance and Part Replacement, Wires Down, SF6 Switchgear Gas Replacement, Non Reclosure Switching, Confided Space rescue, Gas Leak Investigation and much more!




The final training modules provided various unique processes for onboarding maintenance crews for standard lockout/tagout procedures across a variety of business operations. This enables Avangrid to onboard technicians much faster and have them operate with fewer mistakes in the field. Currently, this is an ongoing project where additional training modules are being added to increase the breadth and scale of the training programs.

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