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ROI Calculator

Use this tool to measure the investment and potential ROI for the implementation of Virtual Reality training programs.

VR Software ROI Calculator

The ROI calculator is created to be a guiding tool in establishing feasability for VR training in a material way. Although effective, there are certain aspects that are difficult to quantify in a standardised way.
These include known benefits such as:

- Improved training effectiveness

- Employee retention

- Investor sentiment

- Environmental / sustainability impact

*1 Travelling both ways

*2 That will be replaced by the VR simulation

Savings on Travel

Savings on Training

Savings on Material Usage

Savings from Incident Reductions


Return On Investment
Year OneYear TwoYear ThreeYear Four

Cost: Year 1$0Savings: Year 1 - 5$0
Cost: Year 2$0
Cost: Year 3$0
Cost: Year 4$0Typical timeframe to refresh hardware (3-4 Years)
Cost: Year 5$0