Virtual Reality Training for Energy & Utilities

VR Vision is leading the charge in revolutionizing the energy sector. We've seamlessly integrated virtual reality across teams, regions, and business verticals, setting the gold standard in immersive training and delivering unparalleled results.

VR for Energy & Utilities Training


The energy sector, marked by its complex infrastructures and critical operations, is undergoing a significant transformation with the integration of VR training. Virtual Reality offers a safe, immersive environment where professionals can simulate intricate processes, ranging from power plant operations to emergency response scenarios.

Over 100 VR Courses Created for Energy Companies

VR Vision has developed the most extensive collection of virtual reality training courses tailored for energy and utility companies worldwide! Our courses encompass a variety of levels, from basic walkthroughs and orientations to intricate multiplayer simulations. In these simulations, technicians can seamlessly engage in tasks such as operating vehicles, managing switchgear, and much more.

Featured Success Story

With VR, trainees can explore the depths of energy production, distribution, and safety protocols, all without leaving the virtual realm, making it a revolutionary tool in fostering a more competent and confident energy workforce.


"Virtual reality is a huge step forward for our already best-in-class training program. If anybody is going to make immersive learning the next big thing in clean energy, it’s Meta & VR Vision."

Samuel Akey

Manager, Renewables Training & Training Innovation

65 %
Faster Onboarding

Maintenance & repair training completed 65% faster in VR compared to real world.​


Top Applications of XR Technology in Energy Sector Training

Virtual reality training has achieved success across various sectors, including energy, utilities, and renewables. This technology has proven effective in crucial roles that play a vital role in maintaining the functionality of our grids and ensuring the continuous flow of electricity worldwide.

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Electrical work

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Wind Turbine Technician

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Transmisssion and distribution

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Electrical Technician

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Troubleshooting and maintenance

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Pipeline Workers

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Walkthroughs and orientation

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Power Line Installers/Repairers

ultimate guide to vr training
Ultimate Guide to VR Training

An in-depth look into the realm and usage of immersive learning technologies, simulating real-world environments and offering a safe and immersive platform for learners to practice necessary skills.

How VR Vision Develops for Energy & Utilities

VR Vision offers a distinctive, industry-focused approach to course creation for utilities organizations and their team members, including engineers, technicians, safety professionals, and front line workers.

This approach provides them with an immersive and safe space to visualize, test, and interact with electrical equipment across a wide variety of use cases.

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