CGI Simulations

CGI Simulations are the most advanced and effective way to deliver complex hands-on collaborative VR Training for organizations. Created using VR Vision’s world-class approach to VR Application Development by pairing Digital Twins with complex Interactions.

Powered by the VR Vision SDK, trainers and trainees alike can collaborate in shared virtual environments, while simulating scenarios in a safe and standardized way.

The Effectiveness of CGI Simulations

Acquiring proficiency in complex technical procedures and hard skills are where CGI Simulations are making the most meaningful impact. These simulations create an unprecedented level of immersion, interactions and team-based collaboration that is delivered seamlessly on a global scale. The effect of such content has been proven to create incredible value for enterprises that can successfully adopt and deploy the technology.


Reduction in environmental footprint from travel


More effective than slides & video-based training


Faster time to optimal competency when enhancing hands-on learning


Faster training delivery time compared to hands-on

Featured CGI Simulations

Developed and deployed hundreds of CGI custom modules and more custom content than any other organization in the world. Featured below are two use cases of organizations utilizing multiplayer (metaverse) capable collaborative systems for employee and client training.


“Toyota procured hundreds of Meta for Work (Quest 2) devices that were shipped to dealers across the USA/Canada. VR Vision helped with the LMS integrations, device management setup and consulted on change management for increased user adoption. Our vision is to provide a learning environment that resonates with current and future generations of technicians”

Holly Brotzman

Dealer Training Manager

Saved Annually

Empowering Over 10,000 Dealer Technicians Annually with Immersive Learning!


"Virtual reality is a huge step forward for our already best-in-class training program. If anybody is going to make VR the next big thing in clean energy, it’s Meta & VR Vision."

Samuel Akey

Manager, Renewables Training & Training Innovation

65 %
Faster Onboarding

Maintenance & repair training completed 65% faster in VR compared to real world.


Persistent Multiplayer Proprietary (Metaverse) Technology

cgi simulations

World-class technology enables secure, company-specific custom virtual collaboration spaces.

Here trainees & trainers don’t just communicate but also collaborate by co-operatively utilizing sophisticated interactive systems such as machinery, cranes and electronic interfaces.

cgi simulations

CGI Course Creation Process

Powered by VR Visions’ proprietary SDK, these customized Virtual Reality Training courses precisely replicate all the steps and workflows of real-life processes. CGI courses use digital twins to create realistic interactions, allowing trainees to both observe and engage with them just as they would in real life.

interaction design
Digital Twins

Digital representation of the real world environment, tools, people and machinery which appear and feel identical, and they can operate on standalone VR headsets.

Interaction design

Crafting virtual systems that mirror real-life interactions with virtual tools, machines, and environments in an immersive and scalable manner.


Future Proof Course Modes


CGI supports a wide range of learning modes, ranging from simple, step-by-step procedural computer-guided single-player experiences, to actual Metaverse-like simulations that are persistent (always online) and offer open-ended interactive systems for numerous simultaneous users within the same simulation.

Interactive Non Player Character

cgi simulations

NPCs have a more limited but still important role in CGI Simulations. These computer generated characters typically fill a role that real trainees or trainers cannot. Such as replicating customers, people in distress and other scenarios that would not be suitable or practical for real users to undertake.

cgi simulations

The Best CGI Training Simulations in the World

In summary, VR Vision’s CGI Simulations represent the pinnacle of immersive training technology. By integrating advanced CGI with interactive non-player characters (NPCs), we offer a virtual reality training experience that is not only deeply engaging but also highly effective in simulating real-world scenarios.

virtual reality warehouse

Our commitment to creating realistic, interactive environments ensures that trainees are not just learning, but are fully immersed in a virtual world that mirrors the complexities and challenges of real-life situations. This approach significantly enhances learning outcomes, making VR Vision’s CGI Simulations an indispensable tool for forward-thinking organizations aiming to train their workforce with the latest in technological advancements.

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