Virtual Reality Training for Automotive Manufacturing

VR Vision has been at the forefront of driving the automotive sector's adoption of virtual reality and has demonstrated innovation in scaling it across teams, geographies, and business units, resulting in remarkable outcomes.

VR for Automotive Manufacturing Training

VR Vision possesses a profound understanding of the automotive sector, renowned for its intricate design processes, production schedules, dealer focus, and rapid technological advancements. VR Vision is committed to assisting top-tier automotive organizations in realizing invaluable benefits through the integration of VR training.

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Featured Success Story in Automotive

VR Vision has assisted innovative global leaders in the automotive industry in training employees in safety, operations, and maintenance. Even their subsidiaries and dealers have benefited from using XR technology.


“Toyota procured hundreds of Meta for Work (Quest 2) devices that were shipped to dealers across the USA/Canada. VR Vision helped with the LMS integrations, device management setup and consulted on change management for increased user adoption. Our vision is to provide a learning environment that resonates with current and future generations of technicians”

Holly Brotzman

Dealer Training Manager

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Faster Onboarding

Empowering Over 10,000 Dealer Technicians Annually with Immersive Learning!


Leading Uses and Roles for XR/VR Training In Automotive


Part identificaiton

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Automotive designer


Maintenance and repair

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Machine operator


Vehicle assembly

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Automotive technician


Safety and orientation

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Production crew

ultimate guide to vr training
Ultimate Guide to VR Training

An in-depth look into the realm and usage of immersive learning technologies, simulating real-world environments and offering a safe and immersive platform for learners to practice necessary skills.

How VR Vision Develops for the Automotive Sector

VR Vision offers a distinctive, industry-focused approach to course creation for automotive organizations and their team members, including engineers, designers, safety professionals, and assembly line supervisors.

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This approach provides them with an immersive space to visualize, test, and interact with vehicle designs and manufacturing processes long before they come to fruition in the physical realm.

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