360 Video Production

360 video production is the process of creating immersive, spherical videos that allow viewers to explore and interact with the content from every angle.

It involves capturing footage with specialized 360-degree cameras or by stitching together multiple cameras to create a seamless, panoramic view.

Leading the Way in 360 Video Production

We utilize the most advanced 360 stereoscopic video and spatial audio hardware paired with advanced software development techniques to create cutting-edge 360 courses that are built to last. With over a decade of in-house experience in 360 video production and post-processing, our sole focus is on providing the most immersive scenarios possible.

Enhancing the Customer Care Experience with VR

The Interactive 360 Video VR training program developed by Hydro One and VR Vision accelerates the learning process by immersing trainees in a realistic, interactive environment, enabling them to gain practical experience quickly.

It fosters empathy and understanding, allowing team members to better understand and appreciate the perspectives of customers. The program also enhances the retention of knowledge and skills through experiential learning, resulting in more confidence and proficiency.

"It's a game-changer that will start to unlock a simple and easy experience for customers looking to connect with Hydro One's services" said Teri French, Executive Vice President, Operations and Customer Care.

Leading the Way in 360 Video Production

In the context of virtual reality training, the comparison of 360 video production to computer-generated imagery (CGI) is relevant, as both techniques possess distinct advantages and disadvantages that are contingent upon the specific application.

360 Video Production is the foundation / initial building block to Interactive 360 Video Simulations, they allow for fast course creation and serve as an great tool for soft skill development.

Unlocking the Power of Interactive 360° Video Training

Hyper Realistic: 360 video production offers an immersive experience with high realism, enhancing the sense of presence in virtual reality training.

Fast to Create: This technique allows for efficient and rapid production, enabling the creation of training content in a shorter time frame compared to other methods.

Scalable: 360 video production generally incurs lower expenses than computer-generated imagery (CGI), making it a cost-effective option for virtual reality training.

Video Production Process

Following a rigorous and structured approach to 360 video production our methodology involves three phases, these are Pre-Production, Filming and Post-Production.

virtual reality training
virtual reality training
360 video production

Monoscopic and Stereoscopic Video

When choosing between monoscopic 360 or stereoscopic 360 video, consider the desired viewing experience. Monoscopic 360 is a single image that provides a panoramic view and is less expensive to produce, whereas stereoscopic 360 captures two images for a more immersive viewing experience but is more expensive to produce.

Monoscopic Camera
Stereoscopic Camera

Leading Technology in 360 Stereoscopic Video and Spatial Audio Capture

VR Vision is at the cutting edge of 360 video capture; we ensure that the most advanced hardware is used in capturing immersive 360 sound and video.

11K Filming

Our professional 360 video recording hardware VR Vision utilizes a multi-lens camera to capture multiple streams of video simultaneously. The footage is then stitched together to create a seamless, spherical video.

Our systems include features such as stabilization and real-time stitching to improve video quality, this is also controlled remotely and reaches up to 11k resolution with the Insta 360 Pro.

Spatial Audio

Spatial audio is a technology we use that creates an immersive listening experience by adding a sense of direction and location to sound. This is be achieved by using multiple channels and processing techniques to create a 3D sound field. We archive this by using ambisonics and binaural audio.

360 video production

360 Video Loader

Our unique 360 video loading solution allows for final courses to be uploaded & updated no to VR devices independently from the training courses / applications. This allows for a decoupling of apps with videos and create a more scalable and sustainable system for 360 video management.


Interact in 360

Creating the highest quality 360 Videos accompanied with spatial audio and special effects is an important part of any virtual reality course.

Equally important is how the users interact with the video, whether through simple button choices or more complex interactions - learn more this with Interaction Design.


360 Video Production Software Stack

To produce the best 360 videos, VR Vision uses a combination of in-house developed tools and commercially available software such as:


Mistika VR For 360 video stitching and stereoscopic refinement.


Adobe suite for video editing and special effects.


For 3D model and special effects compositing.


Unity for application development.

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