Digital Twins

Digital Twins refer to the virtual replicas of physical objects, systems, or processes, meticulously crafted to mirror their real-world counterparts in every aspect. By harnessing the power of these digital clones within virtual reality environments, training programs can achieve unprecedented levels of realism and interactivity.

From Sketch to Reality: 3D Asset Creation

Digital twins are direct recreations of real objects or environments. We develop them using various techniques, including photogrammetry, 3D scanning, traditional modelling, and existing CAD models to make them VR-ready.

These digital twins find applications in various industries, such as energy and utilities, manufacturing, healthcare, and automotive. They are used for creating CGI Simulations, as well as for creating virtual influencers and virtual avatars.

Leading the Way in Digital Twins and Replicated VR Environments

Our cutting-edge technology allows for lightning-fast and precise 3D asset creation, ensuring compatibility with standalone VR headsets. As the global leader in this field, we strive to push the boundaries of virtual reality and provide the most immersive experiences possible.

The Advantages of 3D Asset Creation

digital twins

3D asset creation offers distinct advantages for virtual reality training & serves as the foundation for CGI Simulations; they allow for complex procedure-based scenario creation and motor skill development.

digital twins

3D Asset Creation Process

The process of 3D asset creation for VR training primarily revolves around recreating real-life environments with interactable equipment, tools, and machinery. This approach differs from standard 3D art as it places less emphasis on conceptualization and creativity, and instead prioritizes the accurate replication of real-world elements. Furthermore, a significant focus is placed on optimizing the assets to ensure accessibility on standalone VR headsets.

Visual Provisions
Greybox Blocking

3D Environment Design

Environment art in virtual reality entails the creation of immersive and realistic 3D worlds specifically optimized for various VR devices, focusing on standalone headsets like Meta Quest, Vive Focus, Pico Neo, and others.

This multifaceted process involves leveraging real-world images and videos as references to ensure high authenticity. It entails skillfully combining 3D models, textures, materials, lighting, and animations to bring the virtual environment to life.

3D Interactive Objects

Interactive objects in virtual reality refer to objects within a virtual environment that users can interact with, such as doors, buttons, levers and objects that can be picked up and manipulated. They are used to advance course tasks and objectives, providing a sense of agency and immersion in the virtual world. Created using 3D modeling software, they are programmed to respond to specific inputs or triggers within VR training courses. To learn more about interactions in VR, you can check out Interaction Design.

Isolate & Grounding
Multimeter Troubleshooting

Dynamic Environment

Experience unparalleled realism in virtual reality with our advanced Dynamic Environment. By seamlessly integrating real-time interactivity and AI-guided storylines, we provide a bespoke VR journey tailored to each user. Engage with the cutting edge of immersive technology and elevate your VR experience beyond the ordinary

Crane No Obstruction
Crane w/ No Obstruction
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Crane w/ Minor Obstruction
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Crane w/ Major Obstructions

Software Stack for 3D Asset Creation

To produce the best 3D Assets, VR Vision uses a combination of in-house developed tools and commercially available software such as:


Blender for 3D Modeling


Adobe Substance 3D Painter for Texturing

MudStack as an Asset Repository


Unity for Development Preparation

VR Vision’s Digital Twins technology revolutionizes training and operations, merging the digital and physical realms with precision. These interactive, high-fidelity virtual replicas are essential for innovative learning and operational efficiency, offering a new dimension of immersive experience in various industries. 

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