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Virtual Reality Development

Creating a virtual reality application from zero requires a deep analysis of your needs and asking ‘why?’ We develop applications that have real-world uses, educate staff and consumers and evoke emotion. Our virtual reality application development process is entirely turn-key as we work from initial design to final release with you every step of the way.

Virtual Reality offers a new way to hyper-accelerate learning in a way never before imagined by man. VR Vision aims to help you harness this power through thoughtful and practical application of the technology.

VR Application Development For Any Industry


Unity 3D & Unreal Engine VR Development


We house a passionate team of VR technology specialists. Designers, UI/UX Experts, Modelers and Programmers.

We take our combined knowledge and decades of programming and design experience to develop cutting-edge virtual reality applications that are scalable, user-friendly and functional.


Scalable Turnkey Solutions


We are proud to offer cutting edge content development, hardware deployments and onsite as well as remote professional services and support in order to guarantee project and development success.

The VR Vision platform allows us to deploy scalable content for a variety of use cases pre-built to reduce cost and increase portability and time to completion.

Our Development Process

  • Storyboard

    Discuss the project parameters and plan out conceptual graphics for the layout of the application.1

  • Concept

    Upon acceptance of the storyboard we start to plan out the concept in 3d space.2

  • Motion Proto

    In the 3D environment we program in the movements the user will make and start creating functionality.3

  • Prototype

    Using the software, we box out the entire gameplay and graphics and have a playable application.4

  • Testing

    Take the prototype and put it through constant testing of movements, graphics and capabilities.5

  • Final Product

    Final graphics are input and the final applications is released to the clients for them to release to the users!6

Technology Platforms

Which headset to develop for requires knowing where you intend to show the content, how you want to scale the experience and what your budget allows. VR Vision’s team of industry professionals know VR and AR better than anyone else in the world, so email us today to see how we can help you disrupt your industry.

PC Powered VR

Interactive functions for training simulations and high-end marketing activations.

HTC Vive Pro Eye
Oculus Rift S
Standalone VR

Scalable tetherless functionality for enterprise education and large-scale marketing deployments.

Oculus Quest
HTC Vive Focus Plus
Pico Neo


VR Vision proprietary technology allows for inside headset user activity tracking. We can track users’ hand movements, users’ lines of eyesight and combine metrics from both to gauge simulation or experience quality. With this data, we can push information to back end LMS’s and provide post-training assessments to ensure the highest quality learning experience in VR.


Interaction tracking


Heat Maps


View tracking


Analytics integrations
  • In VR data review
  • Excel reports
  • SSO & XAPI
  • Flexible LMS integration


Cross Platform

Cross Platform VR experiences have let users enjoy your VR experience on multiple platforms, or allow other users to control the headsets via phone or web. A unique feature of VR Vision’s turnkey solution process.

  • Phone or Web Remote Control of VR Experiences
  • Ability to Build out VR Experiences for Multiple Platforms
  • Ability to output for Web or Phone based VR alongside PC Powered VR setup.


Object Tracking

Using trackers, we are able to track any real world physical object into 3D Space, allowing your products to be held by users while translating to 3D Space, completely wireless!

  • Vive Trackers allow for any real world object to be tracked wirelessly
  • Custom trackers can be added to fit smaller objects
  • Using Kinect Depth Sensors we can do wireless body tracking in any VR simulation

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