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Virtual Reality Training

Providing a highly immersive VR experience makes training easier for employees. They can retain information and apply what they've learned on the job. It also reduces costs and helps meet safety and sustainability objectives.

ultimate guide to vr training
Ultimate Guide to VR Training

Immersive learning technologies simulate real-world environments. They offer a safe platform for learners to practice necessary skills. This is an in-depth look into their realm and usage.

Where Virtual Reality Training is Having The Biggest Impact

Our clients are our most significant advocates. Discover how our services have positively impacted their operations and achieved transformative results.


“Toyota procured hundreds of Meta for Work (Quest 2) devices that were shipped to dealers across the USA/Canada. VR Vision helped with the LMS integrations, device management setup and consulted on change management for increased user adoption. Our vision is to provide a learning environment that resonates with current and future generations of technicians”

Holly Brotzman

Dealer Training Manager

Saved Annually

Empowering over 10,000 dealer technicians annually with immersive learning!


"Virtual reality training is a huge step forward for our already best-in-class training program. If anybody is going to make immersive learning the next big thing in clean energy, it’s Meta & VR Vision."

Samuel Akey

Manager, Renewables Training & Training Innovation

65 %
Faster Onboarding

Maintenance & repair training completed 65% faster in VR compared to real world.


"Virtual reality training at Hydro One unlocks a world of possibilities, offering immersive experiences, practical skill development and collaborative learning for our employees”

Teri French

Executive Vice President, Operations and Customer Care

180 %
Increased Awareness

2000+ customer care team members being onboarded using virtual reality.​


“Toyota procured hundreds of Meta for Work (Quest 2) devices that were shipped to dealers across the USA/Canada. VR Vision helped with the LMS integrations, device management setup and consulted on change management for increased user adoption. Our vision is to provide a learning environment that resonates with current and future generations of technicians”

TH Rep

Sr. Technical Training Manager

70 %
Enhanced Learning

Enhanced electrical grid and green box training for technicians.


“VR Vision and Siemens collaborated to enhance crane operator training using virtual reality. Replacing Siemens' costlier, riskier on-site methods, VR Vision's simulation provided a lifelike, safe environment for virtual reality training. The result: slashed costs, quicker training, and increased operator competence, showcasing VR's potential in industrial training.”

Per Bomholt

Global Competence Manager

10 +
Global Learning Centers

Training over 30,000 renewable wind technicians across the globe.

toronto hydro

Types of Technology for XR Training

VR Vision provides innovative virtual reality training solutions. It specializes in two dynamic VR training modes: Interactive 360 Video and CGI Simulations.

apple vision pro

Interactive 360 Video

CGI Simulations

Stereoscopic 360 videos are very immersive. They are great for training on soft skills and safety/orientation. They are better than traditional videos because they are more engaging and immersive.

Immersive digital doubles are used to train on complex procedures. They do it quickly and accurately. They eliminate the need for costly repetition and errors. They are ideal for people who need to train in technical jobs.

Unveiling Possibilities. Crafting Realities.

At VR Vision, we don't just create virtual reality—we tailor-make experiences. Join us on this transformative journey and let's redefine the horizons of enterprise training together.



Virtual Blueprinting

Planning & Development

Every incredible journey begins with a single plan. Our meticulous planning process ensures your vision is perfectly charted in the virtual world.

Our experienced team works closely with you. They want to understand your training needs and goals. This personalized approach creates a strong foundation for your virtual reality training. It helps you succeed and adapt in the long term.



Immersive Development

Shape the Virtual, Perfect the Reality

From concept to code, we breathe life into your virtual training ideas.

We use advanced VR tools to create a realistic training environment. Our focus on accuracy helps trainees learn practical skills faster, improving efficiency.



Seamless Integration

From Our Realm to Yours

Seamlessly integrating the power of virtual reality into your organizational infrastructure.

You can say goodbye to complicated setups and tech headaches. Our deployment process makes sure that your VR training solutions are integrated easily. This provides a hassle-free experience for both trainers and trainees. This means you will have more time for training and less time for troubleshooting.

vision portal


Vision Portal

Your Control Center in the Cloud

Oversee, optimize, and orchestrate your VR training experiences, all from one centralized hub.

The Vision Portal is more than just a management tool—it's the future of VR training oversight. Monitor user progress, gather insightful analytics, and tweak training modules on-the-fly. Empower your training teams with data-driven insights, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptation.

Virtual Reality Training Modes

Technology supports various training modes, allowing trainers to securely and efficiently connect with their teams, collaborate, assess, and simulate scenarios in virtual setting.

vr training
Single Player Modes
vr training
Multiplayer Modes

Benefits of Virtual Reality Training

Technology helps trainers connect securely and efficiently with their teams. It also allows them to collaborate, assess, and simulate scenarios in a virtual setting.


Eliminate Risk


Increase Retention




Connect Teams

Cut Costs


Skill & Knowledge Assessments

Virtual Reality Training Hardware

Technology helps trainers connect securely and efficiently with their teams. They can collaborate, assess, and simulate scenarios in a virtual setting.

Meta Quest Pro

Standalone VR Headsets

Scalable wireless functionality for enterprise education and training with built-in processing.

pc powered VR

PC-Powered VR Headsets

For training with ultra high-end vehicle simulations requiring external computers to run.

Development Process for Virtual Reality Training

Our development experts create virtual reality courses that fit each organization's needs. They use a strict process. They work with client experts to make sure trainees and trainers get the best results.

dev process

Digital Learning Transformation

Virtual Reality is a powerful tool for teaching and sharing knowledge. It helps remove barriers to access and makes learning more interesting. It has the potential to revolutionize the way we learn, making it the next big thing in education.

VR for Hard Skills & Technical Training

Simulate complex scenarios in a scalable and standardized manner. Help cultivate useful habits in a secure and quantifiable fashion.

VR for Soft Skill Development

Expose team members to challenging environments and scenarios. Measure their reactions and use the data to help them develop and improve.

Try Our ROI Calculator

The ROI calculator is designed to help evaluate the potential financial benefits of VR training. It is effective, but certain aspects are hard to measure in a consistent manner.

VR Course Deployment

VR Vision is a turnkey solution provider. We are involved in every step of the VR implementation process. This includes the initial planning stages and providing tools for trainers to support their VR courses.

Hardware Setup
Hardware Setup

Consult on the best device for each use case, how to perform firmware updates, labelling, and initial device configuration.

IT Integrations / Networking
IT Integrations / Networking

Ensure that the necessary networking infrastructure is in place to securely implement VR and whitelist the necessary websites.


Guidance on MDM organizational setup, as well as how to distribute (push) courses and maintain updates. Integrate with ArborXR or ManageXR.

(LMS) Integration
(LMS) Integration

Integrations can connect VR applications to your learning management system. This enables trainers to schedule VR learning and view high-level analytics.

Supported Learning Management Systems

The Vision Portal is compatible with all modern LMS's. It can be seamlessly integrated using direct APIs, XAPI, or SCORM2. Trainers can use their LMS to schedule VR learning, track performance, and monitor high-level analytics.

Sample of LMS’s we have integrated with:

Vision Portal Integration

Trainers can use the Vision Portal to view all their courses. They can manage groups of people in VR simultaneously, tracking progress in real-time and sending messages. They can also view things from the headset's perspective via a live VR feed. The system gives trainers the power to skip steps if trainees get stuck, access a wide range of analytics, and more!

Where VR Training is Making the Biggest Impact

Virtual reality training is having a tremendous impact in areas that are difficult to train and master in the real world. It is changing the way employees are trained and developed to eliminate risk and improve efficiency. VR lets workers practice and improve their skills in a safe and controlled environment, which means they can avoid making mistakes in real-life situations.

This is particularly valuable for high-risk industries such as energy & utilities, manufacturing, automotive, and healthcare.

Energy & Utilities

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