Interactive 360 Video

360 Video Simulations are a very effective low friction entry to VR Training for organizations. They are are created using VR Vision’s world class approach to VR Application Development by pairing 360 Video Production with the appropriate Interactions

Powered by the VR Vision SDK, they are hyper-realistic, easy to use and fast to create. They offer a far more engaging and immersive experience to learning than any traditional web-based or video offering.

The Effectiveness of Interactive 360 Video

Soft skill development, safety and orientation are key areas where 360 video immersive learning content makes the most impact. When benchmarked to traditional e-learning, the results speak for themselves. Interactive 360 video is a compelling way to replicate real world processes and allow for transformative and immersive training.


Faster than traditional slides based classrooms


More focused than e-learning


More emotionally connected than e-learning peers


Higher confidence in applying learning

Interactive 360 Video Success Stories

VR Vision has created and delivered 100's of 360 Video Simulations, ranging from simple orientation courses to deep interactive soft skill development curriculums. Featured two world-class use cases that meet and surpass the expected effectiveness of VR interactive 360 video training.

Virtual reality training at Hydro One unlocks a world of possibilities, offering immersive experiences, practical skill development and collaborative learning for our employees

Teri French

Executive Vice President, Operations and Customer Care

180 %
Increased Aweareness

2000+ customer care team members being onboarded using virtual reality.

Dementia Reality brings multiple senses to training, which, as we have learned, is a far more effective way to train and engage employees, so they are confident and successful in their jobs

Dan Fagin

President and CEO

Boosted Empathy Sensitivity

VR training boosts empathy in dementia care for long term health workers.

hydro one

Special Effects & CGI in 360 Video Simulation

360 Video Simulations are extremely realistic, as they are an exact virtual representation of the real world with real people and places. Although a rigid learning delivery vehicle, there are ways to enhance them by incorporating special effects and other types of visual assets.

interactive 360 video
3D Model Compositing and Graphics Overlays
interactive 360 video production
Immersive Special Effects
360 video for employee training
Unlock the Future of Employee Training: Dive into 360° Video!

Discover the transformative power of 360° video in enhancing enterprise training. Learn about its unique applications, benefits, and how it's shaping the future of immersive learning.

360 Course Modes

360 Simulations types are based on the degree of interaction with the learning content.

interactive 360 video production

A learning mode that’s guided across the immersive learning course via visual call outs, special effects and voice overs. Great for new users as their interactions are limited.

interactive 360 video

A learning mode that provides the ability to interact with the content, complete quizzes, change perspectives and make engaging decisions in a linear format.


Interactive branching storylines allow learners to engage in meaningful decisions and experience the outcomes of their choices in real time.

Interactive 360 Video Course Creation Process

Powered by VR Visions proprietary SDK, these Virtual Reality Training courses are quick to create and extremely realistic. expand with text

360 video production
360 Video Production

The process of crafting 360-degree videos involves generating captivating, all-encompassing content, enabling viewers to delve into and engage with the material from any perspective.

Interaction Design

Engaging with 360-degree videos entails a technical process that requires the adept use of user interface elements, VR controllers, and even accounting for the user's point of view.

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