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Augmented Reality Development

Blending the Digital & the Physical World with Seamless Augmented Reality Solutions

Augmented Reality (AR) development gives you the opportunity to bring life to the world around you with endless digital possibilities. With Augmented Reality we can bring any 3D models to life with vivid animations, sounds, and effects, on a wide variety of desktop and mobile platforms.

Here at VR Vision we develop simulations for real-world scenarios that can be used to increase business efficiencies and improve employee performance.


Wearable AR

Mixed reality headsets overlay holographic imagery and information on to the real world from the users perspective.

Utilizing holographic computer-generated imagery we can make complex procedures simple in real time for training or engineering needs.

Mobile AR

The most commonly used form of AR. Using mobile phone or tablet cameras we can overlay digital imagery on to the real world.

Using leading AR platforms enables organizations to reach the widest audience possible for either marketing or training functionality.



Projected AR

Combining large digital display media panels an Microsoft kinect technology allows for an incredibly new way for users to interact with digital worlds.

Typically used for for marketing or large scale entertainment purposes, this is the only type of AR that eliminates the need for headsets or mobile devices.

Augmented Reality Application Development Process




  • Conducting initial consultation to find out your business requirements and brainstorming ideas to bring your vision to life.
  • Mapping out a prototype for a use case and defining the roadmap for an MVP
  • Outlining technical components, platform and timeline for development.




  • Choosing best use case for prototype development
  • Identify best platform for development (unity, vuforia, kudan, or custom cms)
  • Creation of user interface for design component
  • Formatting and converting digital 3D objects




  • Finalizing production of working MVP
  • Provisioning deployment for distribution and delivery
  • Future QA testing to ensure quality product

AR Platforms

Every project is unique and the underlying technology required varies by use case. VR Vision has a team with diverse expertise in each of the leading AR platforms.


Examples of AR Used in the Real World:

  • Simulation
  • Medical
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Mining
  • Aviation
  • Retail
  • Training

Automotive, Boating, Yachting

In virtual reality we can put you behind the wheel or joystick of any vehicle to simulate any type of experience. Whether it be a realistic training, emergency, or travel scenario, or built more for entertainment purposes.

Hospitals, Training

With more advancements in the medical field, come the need to showcase and train doctors in the usage of new tools. With 3D VR technology, we can show this process not only on a physical level, but a microbiological level and flood the users with visual knowledge about the medical field.

Post Secondary, Curriculums, Private Schools

Educating minds of any age has become easier with the advanced functions of VR. Using the HTC Vive, we can allow users to interact with environments, tools, and objects that they would not have access to in real life to create unique learning experiences that students can immerse themselves in.

Solar, Nuclear, Electric

Energy is the building block of our understanding of technology, and by using VR technology we can explain and demonstrate an intimate process of how Energy is created and simulate new forms of energy experiences using prototype technology in VR.

Agriculture, Industrial, Fabrications

Using cutting edge development techniques, we can recreate any manufacturing process from architecture to design to showcase either from a visual, or interactive process, how your products are developed from the ground up.

Real Estate, Architecture, Construction

Utilizing photo-realistic renders in order to bring to life cutting-edge visuals for real estate properties, architectural renderings, and pre-construction build-outs.

Mining & Excavation

Building out simulations and training exercises in VR to increase productivity and enhance company facilities.

Aerospace, Aviation

We can simulate any airplane environment from both the interior to the exterior.  We can put you in the cockpit or allow you to showcase an entire aircraft.

Retail, Service Sector

Providing state-of-the-art retail analytics to improve process for the retail trade industry and the service sector.

Health & Safety, Manufacturing, Any Type of Training Scenario

Virtual Reality can be used for training programs for a wide array of programs and functionalities across a broad spectrum of industries.

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