Case Study: CJE & Elderwerks

Learn more about how CJE SeniorLife and Elderwerks created a suite if interactive stereoscopic videos to train long term care workers to better work with seniors living with dementia.

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Ongoing 2021-2023

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Chicago, IL

Client Profile

CJE SeniorLife has been helping older adults pursue lives of meaning, independence, and good health. Today, CJE has over 300 employees who provide 20,000 older adults and their family members with various programs and services annually. Elderwerks Educational Services is a Chicago-based not-for-profit social service providing senior living coordination, advocacy, and education.

Client Profile - Dementia Reality


CJE SeniorLife and Elderwerks Educational Services partnered with VR Vision to launch Dementia Reality®, the first virtual reality dementia program that combines skills training with real-life obstacles in a virtual environment. Dementia Reality is a new educational tool for professionals caring for older adults with dementia. Tapping into the power of technology for training purposes, this program can benefit the healthcare system as well as older adults with dementia and their loved ones. The goal is to have more empathetic caregivers and happier, engaged clients.

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Technology & Services

Dementia Reality® utilizes the latest in 360 video technology, delivered in virtual reality to create impeccably realistic, interactive content. It also carefully considered the process of trainers conducting group sessions and developed a web-based application for trainers to maintain full control of sessions and provide assistance in an easy way.


Each chapter opens with a real-life situation in a virtual reality setting. The person-centred focus is not only on the client but also on the caregiver’s concerns. Group discussions among the trainees and trainers are part of the overall curriculum. Trainees are eligible to earn continuing education units (CEUs) after the completion of the course. The courses are delivered using Quest 2 virtual reality headsets.




This education helps caregivers improve their knowledge and quality of care, which creates a better living environment for a person living with dementia. This allows the participants to not only learn correct care techniques, but also observe the impact that they have in their daily roles. Participating in the Dementia Reality program has been an emotional experience for many participants as they reflect on how their care affects people living with dementia.

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