Webinar: Key Lessons From Early VR Training Adopters

October 23, 2023

Key Lessons From Early VR Training Adopters” is a webinar that serves as a platform for sharing experiences and insights from pioneers in the use of VR technology for enterprise training. The event discusses how early adopters have utilized VR to achieve remarkable training outcomes, enhancing the learning experience for a large number of participants. This initiative underlines the transformative potential of VR in training and education, offering a glimpse into how businesses can leverage this technology to prepare their workforce for the future.

Key Participants and Their Roles
1. Roni Cerga: CEO at VR Vision, discusses VR’s transformative potential in training.
2. Holly Bratzman: Senior Manager at Toyota Material Handling, shares VR’s impact on technical training for service technicians.
3. James Fox: Oversees technical training across Avangrid’s utilities, and talks about utilizing VR for apprentice training.
4. Jonathan Buckley: Strategy and operations learning leader at Hydro One, explores VR’s role in customer care training.

Major Themes and Learnings

Adoption and Implementation:
– Early engagement with stakeholders across departments is crucial for seamless integration and buy-in.
– A pilot or initial small-scale implementation can help in proving the concept and securing wider organizational support.

Educational Impact and Efficiency:
– VR training has shown promise in speeding up the learning curve, with participants displaying quicker skill acquisition and confidence.
– The educational effect varies between CG (computer-generated) and filmed training, with decisions often based on the desired realism and complexity of the training scenario.

Challenges and Solutions:
– Technical issues such as VR motion sickness and connectivity can impact training sessions. Recommendations include shorter sessions and having backup plans.
– Diverse learning preferences among participants suggest the need for multiple training delivery methods, including VR as an alternative rather than a replacement.

Data and Analytics:
– Collecting and analyzing data from VR training sessions can provide insights into effectiveness and areas for improvement.
– Completion rates and specific engagement metrics are becoming more important in evaluating the success of VR training programs.

The webinar highlighted the innovative use of VR in enterprise training, showcasing its potential to revolutionize learning and development. Through sharing their experiences, the speakers provided valuable insights into the benefits, challenges, and practical tips for implementing VR training initiatives. The discussion underscored the importance of early stakeholder engagement, adaptability to learner needs, and the strategic use of data to refine and justify VR training programs.

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