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About VR Vision

We are a cutting edge technology company. Our goal is to help organizations provide innovative, immersive & impactful experiences using the power of Virtual Reality!


Who We Are

At VR Vision, you will find the most diverse and exceptional group of people. We are innovators, dreamers, and thought leaders in the Virtual Reality metaverse.

Our team is passionate in what they do, and are driven to make the transformational power of VR accessible to all. Our culture is one of collaboration, free thinking, flexibility, and overachieving.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make it possible for businesses to deploy and take full advantage of emerging Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions.

We achieve this by offering full turnkey solutions. We provide hardware deployment as an authorized HTC Vive re-seller, Lenovo authorized reseller as well as professional services through our dedicated technical team, and unparalleled quality of custom developed applications from our incredibly talented in-house team.

VR Vision Team

VR Vision is focused on hiring quality people that are passionate and driven by moving virtual reality and immersive technology as a whole forward in the world of business.
Each member of VR Vision has a core competency that yields to a greater goal for the company and helps bring together the perfect blend to help provide the best that immersive technology has to offer.

Roni Cerga – Co-Founder, CEO

“Our mission is not to simply make world class experiential solutions easy & accessible but to prepare organizations for the future. The path to digital innovation is ever evolving. This is why we place a focus on the journey before the destination.”-Roni Cerga

A passionate business leader and innovator. His vision has helped shape world class offerings by utilizing cutting edge cross functional growth strategies. He maintains strong fundamentals by investing in a diverse organizational culture & people, streamlined process and the very best in product quality. He is a strong believer that the foundation to sustaining exponential growth is the result of empowering & offering a sense of ownership to everyone in the organization and beyond to our clients.

Lorne Fade – Co-Founder, COO

“As we continue to capitalize on the tremendous technological opportunities ahead we must always respect the competitive advantages that form the cornerstone of our brand – our people and our culture.”

Lorne Fade oversees all aspects of VR Vision’s application development, event activations, hardware deployment and 360 videography. He is responsible for guiding the company’s overall direction and strategic priorities by utilizing his digital marketing background to drive business development forward as well as driving sales for VR Vision through creative marketing campaigns and targeted advertising methods.

David Tucciarone – Lead Interaction Designer

An experienced Creative Director and Developer, David specializes in creating immersive digital virtual experiences and interactive entertainment on both small and large scale. He has worked on over 20 successful projects with over 15 million users worldwide for both the mobile and enterprise training platforms.

At VR Vision, David oversees all productions from concept to completion to ensure all application development meets a gold standard of being completely turn-key and high quality.  He has led successful projects for VR Vision with enterprise clients like Toyota, Tennis Canada, University of Toronto & Alchemy Systems.

Alex Pryor – 360° Content Director

Alex has a passion for creating digital content and using multimedia to help businesses achieve their goals. The new wave of virtual reality and 360° content brings endless possibilities for business solutions and marketing material and Alex is dedicated to being at the forefront of this innovation.

He manages the 360° department of VR Vision, directing a variety of 360° content, such as 360° video and virtual tours. Alex has a keen eye to use these mediums as practical business applications to help businesses excel in the age of technology.

Joannah Apelo – Healthcare Systems Director

Dedicated Nurse and technology expert with over 10 years providing client care and technology consulting in Canada and internationally. Joannah is driven to transform the way we view & approach client care. As an expert in both VR and Nursing Joannah’s goal is to greatly improve the quality of life for all.

Responsible for overseeing the development, testing, monitoring and implementation of Virtual Reality technologies. Joannah flawlessly combines science, business, and technology to make possible for life changing deployments.

Liz Nicholson – Business Development Director

With an appetite for learning and advancing in new technologies Liz has what it takes to anticipate trends and collaborate with her peers. An experienced National Accounts Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industries for well over decade. Skilled in Contact Centers, Management, Customer Service, Account Management, and Sales. Extensive experience working with high tech executives and CEO’s producing high volume sales results advancing new business development.

David Zhao – C# Developer

David is a Software Engineer based out of Scarborough with Game Programming experience from all around the world. Tens of thousands of people interact with systems he designed each day. His experience ranges from large multinational corporations such as Ubisoft, to humble teams built from brilliant ideas.

Despite his primarily technical background, David enjoys other aspects of Game Development just as much as building systems. He takes pride in producing all the music for the games he feels involved in. He fosters a strong passion for level design, having initially gained modest popularity as map developer on osu! and Starcraft II before beginning to pursue his first degree.

Karan Sharma – 3D Modeler/Designer

Karan Sharma is a 3D Artist with a passion for creating 3D assets and Environments for game development. He has an understanding of 3D Modeling, Texturing and Digital Sculpting and passion for Game Art along with constantly learning and advancing techniques while staying updated with industry standards.

He also has a solid understanding of composition, lighting, colour, form and structure and the ability to apply this knowledge in a 3D interactive world. Karan also has a hobby for photography and travelling.

Wei Tin Yuen – Junior VR Developer

Wei is a young and talented Unity developer, with passion for anything involving creative design. But what good is something if it doesn’t do anything? With that in mind, Wei is highly interested in creating function as well, he loves to architect large yet pristine systems of code. With experience working as an Asset Developer, Wei’s game assets are downloaded by thousands of other Unity developers.

As a generalist developer, he is competent in both art and programming fields, and highly involved in the entire development cycle. Quickly building applications and making improvements where possible, Wei pushes the envelope of what VR can achieve.

Ahmad Askri

I am a game developer who is passionate about exploring the new upcoming and emerging technologies and developing
software for them. Aside from programming, I have a variety of different skills like 3D modelling,
3D animation, 2D animation and Video/Audio editing.

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