Virtual Reality in Corporate Training


Virtual reality (VR) technology is opening more and more possibilities for businesses of all sizes, especially in the realm of corporate training. American businesses are expected to spend approximately $4.1 billion on virtual reality training software and other VR training products by 2024. It’s easy to see why VR employee training is so popular. VR training software offers life-like scenarios where new and veteran employees can learn new skills and hone existing ones without impacting customer service. Below are just a few examples of how businesses are using this new technology for training purposes.

Advantages of using VR for employee training

There are many benefits to using VR for employee training. Employees can train anywhere, reducing the financial and time resources needed to get a new employee up to speed. In addition, employees can learn at their own pace and generally enjoy the format of VR training since it’s exciting and game-like.

Virtual reality employee training case studies

Automotive VR training at Audi & Toyota

The German car manufacturer, Audi, uses VR to train employees to use complex equipment. Without training, errors are common, so it’s not ideal to train new hires on actual production lines. Instead, the company uses VR software to simulate their job requirements. The training becomes more complex as the employee masters each part of the training.

On the drawing board at Audi is a software development kit that will allow non-tech managers to program the training modules to meet their departments’ needs.

On the other side of the coin, one of our flagship clients here at VR Vision for the last 5 years has been Toyota.  They are using virtual reality for training front-line workers on hazard identification and forklift maintenance and repair.

Toyota Material Handling has also been using VR for developing multiplayer digital twins and digital doubles of their training facility and vehicles.  This was done in order to have trainers and trainees learn how to perform maintenance, part identification, and electrical work on their current and soon-to-be-released electric forklifts.  Using digital twins allowed their dealers to train without having to travel to Toyota’s learning center or having to purchase the forklift to have it on site.  See the full demo below.

Medical evacuation training for USAF and USSF personnel

Medical evacuations are challenging to train for since every situation is unique. The US Air Force and US Space Force have teamed up with SIMX to create the Virtual Advancement of Learning and Operational Readiness (VALOR) program. This VR training system simulates a medical emergency where teams from different military branches must work together seamlessly. The VR software creates realistic situations, such as night transfers, that give personnel experience they wouldn’t normally get until an emergency arises.

Surgeon Training at Uconn Health

Surgeons at Uconn Health have switched from training on cadavers to training with virtual reality software. The software has six levels of difficulty that simulate real-life surgeries. An instructor watches the VR session and offers critique and constructive criticism. Studies by the health system found that the new VR training got surgeons up to speed 570 times faster than traditional surgical training.

Training pilots with VR at KLM

KLM, the Dutch national airline, uses VR software to train its pilots. The three-part training introduces the pilot to the aircraft and the controls, puts them behind the controls, and finally gives him or her a 360-degree walk-through of the plane. Unlike traditional pilot training, the VR program can be used outside a simulator at different locations throughout the KLM system.

The beauty of using virtual reality in corporate training is that employees can learn a new skill or how to operate a piece of equipment without the inherent problems associated with on-the-job training. Consider that employees of all skill levels can enjoyably learn at their own pace, and you’ve got a win-win for everyone involved.

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