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Our Immersive VR Training Solutions

Experience the future of VR training with immersive digital twins and the latest in virtual reality learning. Increase your organization's training effectiveness with fully multiplayer environments that are interactive, dynamic, and immersive.

Dive into Immersion!
Experience immersive training environments with our VR Training solutions. Equip your team with hands-on experiences, upskill faster, and retain information like never before.

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Craft Your Virtual Reality!
Bring your boldest ideas to life! VR Vision specializes in creating cutting-edge VR experiences tailored to your unique needs. Step into a new dimension of possibilities.

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Reality Meets Imagination!
Delve into hyper-realistic VR training simulations with VR Vision’s CGI expertise. Transport to simulated worlds that blur the line between digital and real, enhancing decision-making, testing, and visualization.

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Real World Immersion in 360°
Engage like never before with VR Vision’s Interactive 360° Videos. Explore captivating narratives, products, or locations from every perspective. It’s more than watching; it’s experiencing VR training.

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Trusted By The World’s Leading Innovative Companies

Harness the power of virtual reality with VR Vision. Transform, engage, and innovate.


“Toyota procured hundreds of Meta for Work (Quest 2) devices that were shipped to dealers across the USA/Canada. VR Vision helped with the LMS integrations, device management setup and consulted on change management for increased user adoption. Our vision is to provide a learning environment that resonates with current and future generations of technicians”

Holly Brotzman

Dealer Training Manager

Saved Anually

Empowering over 10,000 dealer technicians annually with immersive learning!


"Virtual reality is a huge step forward for our already best-in-class training program. If anybody is going to make immersive learning the next big thing in clean energy, it’s Meta & VR Vision."

Samuel Akey

Manager, Renewables Training & Training Innovation

65 %
Faster Onboarding

Maintenance & repair training completed 65% faster in VR compared to real world.


"Virtual reality training at Hydro One unlocks a world of possibilities, offering immersive experiences, practical skill development and collaborative learning for our employees”

Teri French

Executive Vice President, Operations and Customer Care

180 %
Increased Awareness

2000+ customer care team members being onboarded using virtual reality.


“Dementia Reality brings multiple senses to training, which, as we have learned, is a far more effective way to train and engage employees, so they are confident and successful in their jobs"

Dan Fagin

President and CEO

Boosted Empathy Sensitivity

VR training boosts empathy in dementia care for long term health workers.


“VR Vision and Siemens collaborated to enhance crane operator training using virtual reality. Replacing Siemens' costlier, riskier on-site methods, VR Vision's simulation provided a lifelike, safe environment for training. The result: slashed costs, quicker training, and increased operator competence, showcasing VR's potential in industrial training.”

Per Bomholt

Global Competence Manager

Global Learning Centers

Training over 30,000 renewable wind technicians across the globe.

ultimate guide to vr training

Ultimate Guide to Virtual Reality Training

An in-depth look into the realm and usage of immersive learning technologies, simulating real-world environments, spatial computing and offering an immersive platform for learners to engage!

The Vision Portal Makes Immersive Learning Scalable

Making virtual reality training a thing of beauty for the trainers and trainees alike.

Empowering Educators, Inspiring Learners!

Administrate, manage and provide real-time assistance to trainees at scale with the Vision Portal allowing your teams to scale virtual reality training applications with measurable insights.

Communicate without Barriers!

A real-time connection is only a click away. Collaborate, interact, and share insights instantly, immersing yourself in a virtual environment that bridges distances and brings teams together.

Power Your Decisions with Insight!

Harness the potential of your data like never before. The intuitive platform transforms raw numbers into actionable insights, providing a comprehensive overview to drive informed decisions and foster continuous growth.

Efficiency Meets Effectiveness!

Say goodbye to cumbersome training processes. Vision Portal is designed to streamline your training delivery, ensuring every team member’s consistent, engaging, and productive learning experience.

Simplicity in Every Step!

From course creation to deployment, managing your training has never been easier. Vision Portal offers user-friendly tools to design, schedule, and oversee courses, allowing you to focus on what matters most – the learning experience.

XR Training Solutions Developed To Scale

We provide a full range of XR solutions to help empower your business and bring it to the forefront of immersive technology.

Measuring the ROI on Virtual Reality Training Applications


Increasing Trainee Competency

Faster Onboarding + Training Time to Value

Safety First & Reduced Incident Rates

Fully Turnkey Virtual Reality Solutions

At VR Vision we produce the highest-quality VR content combined with seamless LMS integration. Together with bespoke professional services, we help your brand successfully deploy immersive learning technology.

Enterprise VR Training Solutions

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