VR Vision Partners with RealWear to Offer State of The Art AR Training for Enterprise


We are pleased to announce an upcoming partnership with hardware vendor RealWear that will offer a connected worker solution using their award-winning HMT-1® hands-free ruggedized wearable headset, combined with VR Vision’s custom enterprise training solutions.  Together this will enable enterprise brands the ability to offer custom training solutions to front-line workers in industrial environments.

From remote video support via subject matter experts for inspection, maintenance, guided workflows or even order picking, RealWear will enable the next generation of workers to be more efficient and have more information at their disposal in a hands-free way.

Working with RealWear will allow us to provide more encompassing solutions alongside our enterprise virtual reality training programs.  With their connected worker solutions, they will be able to provide additional support on the fly for future training programs.   They are already a global leader in AR hardware technology for industry and their ruggedized hardware is the first of its kind.

Some of the features of the RealWear HMT-1 are as follows:

  • 100% Hands-Free
  • Unmatched Noise Cancellation
  • Powerful Audio for Industrial Environments
  • PPE Compatible
  • Full Shift Internal Battery
  • Outdoor Display
  • Water & Dust Proof
  • Ruggedized and Drop Proof

The headset itself is built as a knowledge transfer tool for industrial workers.  It is designed for safety and provides enhanced situational awareness for greater focus for workers on the tasks at hand.  This enables workers to be more productive as they are provided hands-free information in real-time in the field.  This helps to prevent accidents, reduce downtime as well as reducing overall costs for businesses.


VR Vision is excited to partner with RealWear as this will allow us to scale our AR efforts and provide an additional resource for our clientele who are looking to adopt immersive technologies.  Combined with 3rd party software we will be able to integrate with remote mentors, industrial IoT data visualization (for things like performance, diagnostics, predictive data and historic trends).

This will also allow us to provide a fully encompassing augmented reality solution that gives employees digital workflows that will increase productivity and reduce errors overall.

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