VR Vision Named a 2019 Clutch 1000 Company


The team at VR Vision is proud to announce we’ve been named to the Clutch 1000 list of top B2B companies.

“It’s great to see our progress as we grow as a company and to have Clutch validate our hard work feels really rewarding.” — Lorne Fade, COO, of VR Vision

Since 2016, VR Vision has been at the forefront of virtual and augmented reality development. We’ve built high-quality AR and VR solutions for Tennis Canada, Toyota, and Siemens among others.

Clutch is a B2B platform for service providers and buyers based in Washington D.C. Using a unique method of verified client feedback, Clutch ranks and evaluates companies so that prospective buyers can connect with trusted companies. We’re proud to rank as a top AR/VR development firm on Clutch, and we’d like to thank our clients for taking the time to leave us such great feedback.

In a recent project, we successfully built a VR platform and experience for a safety and protection systems company.

“Their team was very responsive, always on top of regular project updates through web meetings,” John Shea, VP of Marketing at IEP Technologies, said. “My team didn’t have to stress about communication because it was so strong on VR Vision’s end. They were also very direct, never taking more than an hour on phone calls. Many of the updates were much shorter than that. It was a very professional process.”

We are also listed at The Manifest, Clutch’s sister site. An invaluable, data-driven resource for prospective buyers, we’re proud to be a top 50 developer on The Manifest. Companies can also be found at Visual Objects, an online portfolio site for buyers and sellers.

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