Developing a VR App for Your Business


Virtual & Extended Reality (VR or XR) is taking the world by storm. We aren’t talking about the VR from days of old with cheesy graphics that looked nothing like reality; we’re talking about highly advanced technology that literally transports you to a completely new realm. You could be sitting on your coach in the middle of Nowhere Land, USA, put on a headset, and be transported to a Greek Island – and really feel like you’re there – with today’s virtual reality.

New advances in virtual reality technology are opening up a whole new world of opportunity. It can be used for much more than entertainment; business owners are using it as a way to create truly engaging experiences for their audiences and boost their client base. Imagine the growth potential a VR app could provide for your business? It can give you the opportunity to let your clients – both existing and potential – really experience what your business is all about.

Thanks to tech giants like Google, anyone who has access to a smartphone can have the opportunity to experience virtual reality. All they have to do is download an app on their device and they can be launched into a whole new world while they’re sitting on their couch, riding the train during their morning commute, or any other place they may be.

If you want to take advantage of virtual reality for your own business, you might be thinking that developing a VR app will require extreme skill, experience with coding or 3D, cost boatloads of money, and take a tremendous amount of time; Want to learn how to make a VR app for your business? Keep on reading to find out…

Things You’ll Need

In order to easily and inexpensively create a VR app for your business, you’ll need to assemble the following tools:

  • A virtual reality headset. There are various types to choose from, like Google Cardboard.
  • High end headsets like HTC Vive/Oculus Rift allow for much better immersive experiences.
  • The Unity Store. You can download and install a Personal account, which is free, or you can use an upgraded account, like Plus or Pro, which cost a small fee and offer more advance features.
  • An app building store. There are options available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • The Google Carboard SDK for Unity (for Anrdoid users, but there are options for iOS users, as well)
  • A script that will walk you through developing your app. Again, there are several options available for both Android and iOS devices.

Tips to Keep in Mind

To design an VR app for your business that users will really find engaging (and that your business will benefit from), consider the following tips:

  • Pay attention to scale. To really make the VR experience an incredible one, the scale between the person using the app and the environment you have created is important. In other words, the larger and more encompassing the VR world is, the more life-like and moving it will be.
  • Focus on spatial audio, which incorporates sounds into the environment; something to the right of the user also sounds like it is coming from their right.
  • Focus on aesthetics. The more visually pleasing the VR environment is, the more engaging, encompassing, and impactful the experience will be.
  • Contact a quality VR/AR/XR development firm that can take your ideas to life with a professionally built application.

Challenges Businesses Face with VR

Building a VR application can be a daunting task for any organization if they are not properly prepared or haven’t worked with VR programming before.  Some challenges groups face when creating VR applications are as follows:

  • Lack of proper models and design to bring vision to life
  • Lack of expertise and assets in order to build a successful interactive application
  • Ineffective hardware roll outs or using the wrong medium to view simulations
  • Conflict of priorities with business focus and technology implementation
  • Trying to build an application in-house without the proper guidance or skillsets
  • Hiring the right talent in order to produce a high quality product
  • Extended timelines for delivery due to lack of experience

With these tools and tips, you can create a VR app for your audience that will do a world of wonder for your business. Contact us here at VR Vision today to help transform your business.

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