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White Paper: Supplier Selection Guide for VR Development

whitepaper-coverMore and more enterprise customers are adopting Virtual Reality solutions for their businesses and as the industry grows, new challenges arise with it. Enterprise adoption carries its own unique set of problems that can be difficult for CTO/CLO/CIO’s to solve without significant resources or a lot of trial and error.

We’ve built this guide to aid this ailment and alleviate those challenges so that industry digital transformation leaders can look at VR adoption in a measurable and impactful light. This guide aims to shed light on the following areas:

  • Which kind of VR simulation is best suited for your business
  • How to choose the right vendor for your specific needs
  • What hardware is best for your enterprise use case
  • The best ways to measure ROI and impact, organization-wide

Corporations that are looking to scale their learning and development programs should definitely have XR technology in their arsenal of training applications. Immersive technologies provide a unique way that can empower workers to learn faster, be smarter and retain training outcomes at faster and more effective rates.

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