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Toyota Material Handling Forklift Training


Toyota Material Handling


Ongoing 2021-2022


Indiana, USA

Client Profile

Toyota Material Handling, based in Columbus, IN, is a full-service manufacturer and distributor of high-quality forklifts, reach trucks, order pickers, pallet jacks, container handlers, scissor lifts, tow tractors, AGVs, and other automated material handling solutions. Built on a reputation of excellence, Toyota remains popular due to its quality, durability, reliability and overall value (QDRV).


Catering to over 200 dealerships through the North American Toyota training center was exploring ways to deliver a more efficient and cost-effective training experience to dealer technicians on upcoming and existing vehicles.

Their approach was to take advantage of new emerging metaverse technology that would give their trainers the ability to host a virtual reality digital double of their training environment in real-time with dealer technicians who would be connecting remotely to communicate and collaborate together in real-time or a variety of technical courses.

Technology & Services

Toyota procured hundreds of Meta for Business Oculus devices that were shipped to dealers across the USA/Canada. VR Visions helped with the LMS integrations, device management setup and consulted on change management for increased user adoption.

The main development effort was put towards creating a digital double of the Columbus faculty including the vehicles that were recreated to be interactable down to their smallest components by groups of trainer lead students.






Dealerships have for the first time a third option in how they train, the initial options were to either travel to Columbus and get hands-on training on-site or purchase/lease a vehicle for training purposes in the second case a trainer still had to travel on-site regardless so the cost to train on new vehicles continued to be high.


The new third option, that of Virtual Reality created a low cost and highly scalable collaborative system where trainers could create virtual sessions that technicians can join from any location and work – communicate in real-time while they work on virtual doubles of the chosen vehicle saving both time and materials for Toyota and their dealers.