Top 2022 Trends in Enterprise VR & AR

Top 2022 Trends in Enterprise VR & AR

Experts at HTC, Magic Leap, NVIDIA, Signify, PTC, Real Wear, and more offer unique insights for enterprise AR, VR, and mixed reality (XR) for 2022.

In this whitepaper, we take a deep dive into industry trends that are at the forefront of the XR technology space for 2022. We’ve rounded up industry experts, bloggers, influencers and executives from the Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality fields in order to produce a variety of perspectives that we hope are valuable for our readers.

You will learn from around the XR industry where the technology is progressing and where it is predicted to change and evolve in 2022. Immersive technologies are improving rapidly and there are a lot of unique perspectives compiled that aim to enlighten and inform you as to the best means for adopting XR technology.

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