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White Paper: How 360 Video is Enhancing Enterprise Employee Training

With the advent of virtual and augmented reality, we have seen an innovative movement towards learning outcomes that are much more hands-on and activity based. People are learning faster and in new immersive environments without the usual risk associated with learning in real-world environments.

Enterprises must learn new ways to train their talented employees and are now investing in immersive technologies that empower their staff to work smarter and retain training outcomes at faster and more effective rates.

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  • The pros and cons to immersive training programs and 360 video interaction
  • Unique use cases for 360 video training and how it’s being used in the real world today
  • Information about hardware requirements and the future of immersive training

Learn exactly how your company can benefit from specific training outcomes VR Vision Group has developed solutions for, as well as learn how you can adopt immersive technologies so that your enterprise is better prepared for the future of employee training.

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