Top Advantages Of 360 Interactive VR-Ready Video For Web


360-degree videos just around the corner from being a mainstream medium for a number of different sectors including education, social media, and entertainment. Each year since 2015, the number of active VR users have more than doubled than the active VR users of their corresponding previous year. Why is it the right time to accept this paradigm shift and get into 360 Interactive VR-Videos? Here are some of the top benefits that would definitely convince you.

It is the rising media revolution

Not only are VR-Ready 360-degree videos becoming a mainstream medium, but it is also proving itself to be a revolutionary marketing tool. History has shown that the people who aren’t able to cope with the technologies of the future are left out and disconnected from the mainstream world. May it be your personal use or your business, becoming a part of a growings platform will get you unlimited benefits and we have seen how rapidly the 360-degree VR-Ready video platform is growing.

It’s the most exciting content presentation medium today

Another reason why this is the best time to get into 360-degree VR-ready videos is that this is the most exciting platform to present any content today. Several million individuals are active on some form of virtual reality headset today and since it is a relatively new platform, there simply isn’t enough content there. Not only that, but a number of content categories are completely left unattended due to lack of VR content providers. Getting into VR-Ready video content production at this stage could unlock the way to an almost-untapped market.

The abundance of loyal customers and viewers

As discussed earlier, there is a shortage of VR content providers, becoming one today will guaranty you a growth and popularity that you could never have achieved in such small time intervals with the current medium. (traditional videos) This isn’t the only advantage of adopting VR content, another huge advantage of producing 360-degree and VR videos is that your customers and viewers will be very loyal to you. Why? Are active VR users today very loyal? The answer is simple, VR users today already have a lack of quality content providers. When you provide quality content in a genre where there is no competition, your viewers will only have you to follow. By the time the competition arrives in your genre, your viewers will be so fond of you that they will never bother looking up for someone else.

A worthwhile investment

This may seem like a figure of speech, but it is true, 360-videos are on the rise and are a great investment opportunity today. A sudden fall in traditional media including TV and radios has been seen in the recent years and AR and VR have played huge roles in it. If our word is not enough to convince you, why not look at some of the biggest technology giants who have adopted this change and are generating unprecedented revenues? Consider YouTube, one of the most successful video streaming website. Even a website like YouTube has realized that the traditional videos will soon be out of the highlights and VR videos will take over. This is why YouTube has started investing in VR content production and is maturing its module of VR-video streaming. Another clear example is Sony, the most successful gaming console manufacturer in the world. Sony has invested huge amounts in its Virtual Reality headset and is encouraging game developers to develop games for its VR flagship, the Sony PSVR.

The bottom line is that VR-ready 360 content is here to stay as an exciting medium that allows users to generate high-quality content that is fully immersive and can bring the user into an environment in a much more realistic way that offers a unique viewing experience.  We will continue to see more and more market adoption in this space as content providers and users alike look to benefit from the technology.

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