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TMMC 360 VR Training Platform




Ongoing 2018-2019


Woodstock, ON, Canada
Cambridge, ON, Canada

Client Profile

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. is a Canada-based automotive manufacturer. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation under its Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America subsidiary division.


Toyota was looking for a way to innovate their employee safety training protocols for on-boarding new hires.  They were looking for a solution that would be unique and immersive to allow for employees to be training within a virtual environment while keeping a real-world aspect to their actual facilities.

The objective was to provide new hires with new and innovative ways to learn about various hazards and safety protocols from within Toyota’s manufacturing facilities. They looked to VR Vision to develop unique training modules with a new format of training not yet done before. The solution met was to produce 360 3D immersive video that would include overlays, voice-overs, and test score analytics for each user tested.

Technology & Services

VR Vision provided Pico Neo Standalone VR Systems set up in their training dojo for an immersive learning experience.  We provided hardware support and maintenance as well as updates to their Cambridge and Woodstock facilities.  The content was loaded into kiosk mode with a user login that tracked results and pushed the data back to their internal LMS.





The final training modules provided various unique processes for training new employees on the various hazards and safety concerns throughout their manufacturing facilities. This decreased the number of incidents Toyota had on their production line by having new hires well-versed in safety protocols well before they even hit the ground floor. Currently, this is an ongoing project where additional training modules are being added to increase the breadth of the training program.