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VR Group Therapy Session for Providence Healthcare


Providence Healthcare


September 10, 2017



Client Profile

Providence Healthcare is a leader in providing rehabilitation, palliative care, long-term care, and community programs in Toronto. They provide care in three major areas: Hospital, Long Term Care, and Adult Day Programs.


Providence Healthcare was interested in adding a new experiential activity for their “Grandparents Day” event. It was important that the activity was not simply fun but also safe for their patients most of whom had limited physical ability

Technology & Services

The technology used was high end HTC Vive systems that eliminate most possibilities for nausea and offer maximum comfort. In total 20 elderly patients, most who had very limited range of motion due to past ailments or strokes, immersed themselves in applications such as The Blu, Google Tilt Brush, Guided Meditation VR and Google Earth VR.






The result was incredible across the board for Providence! It was best described by a story with an elderly patient in her late 80s who used to be a painter. She had recently overcome a stroke that had made it difficult for her to move the left side of her body. When introduced to Google Tilt Brush, a virtual painting application, it prompted her to move and for the first time in months, pick up an additional controller and move her hand and arm while showing the group how to paint in Virtual Reality.
Others had incredible and emotional experiences with “The Blu” and the underwater experience that allowed them – if for a short time, to leave their surroundings and immerse themselves in another world.


“We had VR Vision come by at the Hospital I work at and the patients & residents loved it! It was the highlight of the event that’s for sure. I still get patients stopping me in the hallways to tell me how much fun they’ve had at the event because of the VR. I was worried that VR would be too crazy or intimidating for our older patient base but Joannah and Roni from VR assisted them like pros and made sure the whole experience was safe and fun for everyone trying it.”

Hamzah Moin
Digital & Social Media Manager
Providence Healthcare Foundation