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PMA Canada AR Application


PMA Canada


August 2019


Oakville, ON, Canada

Client Profile

PMA Canada is a Canadian National Agency that takes great pride in the sales, marketing and distribution of many of the world’s premium spirits and wine brands.


PMA Canada came to us here at VR Vision because they wanted to develop an augmented reality application that would allow customers to engage with their brand in a unique way at stores all across the world.

The objective was to provide the guests with a timelapse of Gibson’s Finest Whiskey and see how the whiskey brand has developed over time.  The application was broken down into 3 different time periods with an animated 360 3D model of the whiskey bottle as well as an accompanying voiceover explaining the liquor during the specific time period chosen.

Technology & Services

VR Vision developed the augmented reality application for use with both Android and iOS devices.  The application allows users to use their mobile device to scan a bottle of Gibsons Finest Whiskey and then view an augmented reality version of the bottle as well as a timeline with voiceover navigation to educate the consumers on the brand.


The final product is a fully functional augmented reality application that can be used as a marketing tool at trade shows and conferences as well as in-store displays to drive sales and revenue for the Gibsons Finest Whiskey brand.