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IEP Technologies (Hoerbiger) VR Training Application


IEP Technologies


May – Sept 2019


Boston, MA, USA

Client Profile

HOERBIGER Holding AG manufactures compressor valves. The Company offers rings, control and monitoring systems, rotary compressors, digital instruments, control cabinets, gas engines, and explosion relief valves, as well as pressing, blending, and laser cutting services.


The IEP Technologies (Hoerbiger) VR training solution developed provides an overview of hazards and solutions that their team addresses in a very immersive environment. To get the message across in the same amount of detail, it would’ve taken a 2 or 3-hour presentation. The final experience is a five-minute virtual reality simulation that gets the same message across with much more dynamism.

Technology & Services

We used the newest Oculus hardware, which is standalone, the Oculus Quest. Their previous technology was based on an older version of Oculus, which required external laptops and sensors to make everything function properly. The latest VR hardware is self-contained and much more cost-effective.

We developed the simulation with our development and 3D modelling team in the span of 3-months with collaborative iterations with the client.

The project is now turning into more of a support effort. Now that we’ve rolled it out, we’ll be working with them on a monthly basis to make sure everything is operating proficiently.






The simulation was rolled out in multiple languages for IEP to showcase their products worldwide at conferences and trade shows.