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VR Hardware & Software Deployment for BSS


Bishop Strachan School


October 20, 2017



Client Profile

Canada’s oldest independent day and boarding school for girls. Their mission is to inspire girls to be fearless and educate them to be leaders. A university prep school in Toronto for girls in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12.


Having been introduced to high end VR through several large scale activations from VR Vision, the BSS team decided that there would be value in making the technology a permanent school fixture. The objective was to provide a new way for experiential learning for a wide range of subjects.

Technology & Services

VR Vision as an authorized HTC Vive reseller and ASUS partner provided the hardware, software, and professional services for a permanent high end VR multi-station setup.

  • First phase of the project had VR Vision install & test all the educational content broken down by subject as per BSS requirements as well as branding the software & hardware to their colors.
  • Second phase of the project consisted of the on-site installation of the computers, headsets, and sensor calibration.
  • Third phase was focused on training to use the hardware & software, as well as training for troubleshooting.
  • Fourth phase was focused on individual application usage/training.
  • Fifth phase was to the account / systems / IT transfer.
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    Bishop Strachan School established themselves as a technology leader in their space for Canada by being among the first educational providers to enhance learning for their students though VR. Teachers now have the opportunity to expand on their learning plans & students have a new more experiential way of learning all core subjects.


    “Roni and his VR Vision team are deeply skilled and experienced professionals. VR Vision took patient time with us and were very personable as they set up event based experiences for our school. In addition to the event experiences, VR Vision set up our school with our own dedicated VR systems which they had specifically customized for our needs. Roni and his team have made themselves available whenever needed for any kind of troubleshooting which was minimal, as they delivered excellent training with a turn key solution. Our students have been highly engaged, given the opportunity to explore and create unique content with these advanced systems! ”

    Roark Andrade
    Technology Integration Specialist
    Bishop Strachan School