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Alchemy Systems Fire Safety VR Training


Alchemy Systems


October 11th, 2018


Austin, Texas (Alchemy Engage Expo)

Client Profile

Alchemy Systems is a global leader in enterprise training solutions and a global leader in food and workplace safety training for production workers. Companies use Alchemy to increase productivity and improve processes.


Alchemy Systems came to us with an idea to provide fire safety training to their clients using immersive technology, namely through a virtual reality simulation. We developed a unique scenario with a 1:1 re-creation of their facility in order to produce a realistic simulation that resonated with their employees and clients. The user is taken through a fire safety drill and then tested on whether or not they understand the correct procedure in the event of a fire.

Technology & Services

VR Vision provided four PC-powered high end HTC Vive Systems setup for their trade show marketing and location based VR experience. The activation took place in Austin, Texas at their own hosted “Alchemy Engage” conference to showcase the technology to their current and prospective clients. At the show we had staff on-site and provided support and training in order to ensure the trade show went off without a hitch. The simulation we developed took the user through a 1:1 recreated fire safety drill of one of Alchemy’s facilities.






The simulation was thoroughly enjoyed by guests at the trade show and crowds gathered to try out the simulation for themselves to see what it was like and to be quizzed on their knowledge of fire safety.

The simulation was rolled out to Alchemy’s training facility where they are currently using it to train employees on the best methods of fire safety and procedures for what to do in case of a fire at their warehouse.