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We provide a full range of VR & AR solutions to empower your business and bring it to the forefront of immersive technology.

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    Immersive training programs that enhance human performance.
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    Enhance your marketability using the latest in augmented and virtual reality.
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Lessons learned developing custom VR/AR solutions for enterprise training



Fully Turnkey VR & AR Solutions

At VR Vision we produce high-quality VR & AR content as well as being
seamlessly integrated as a hardware reseller and partner. We bring both of these
together by providing bespoke professional services to help your brand adopt the



Our Services

We provide a full range of immersive technology services to empower your business!
Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality
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Transform your business with custom virtual reality application development.

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Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality
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Create stunning real world visuals using augmented reality.

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Web & Mobile Apps
Web & Mobile Apps
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Use the power of the web to deliver stunning content with mobile apps.

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360° 3D Production
360° 3D Production
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Using cutting edge technology to film stunning 3D 360 content.

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Learn how 360° video can be used to create immersive experiences for employee training.


Brand Marketing
Empower your business with Virtual Reality for your next marketing activation.
VR Hardware
A comprehensive approach to using the best hardware available.
Immersive Learning
Increase learning outcomes using virtual simulations.

Brands we work with

VR Vision empowers fortune 500’s and global brands with virtual and augmented reality solutions

“We hired VR Vision Inc to build a VR-based proof of concept for fire safety training. We wanted to demonstrate to our client base that VR is a viable tool for training employees. They helped us with the instructional design of a VR course that showed factory workers responding to a fire emergency. The course went over best practices and alternative solutions for real-life situations. The team created the product with HTC Vive headsets, and compiled the footage using Unity 3D for PCs and Steam as the final player. The product has made a tremendous impact for our company; it was well received by our client base at our annual conference. We successfully demonstrated that VR is a viable training method. What’s more, our team in now implementing client feedback on VR into our sales cycle.

VR Vision Inc. went above and beyond in this respect.”

Terry McGuire
Creative Director
Alchemy Systems

“We are looking at doing something on-site that bridges technology and tennis together in a unique setting. We want to do something in the VR area that is engaging and fun for fans.

Tennis Canada VR Activation was LIVE for 9 days at Rogers Cup and 3 days at Davis Cup. All the anecdotal evidence that we got from fans and staff were all positive. The set-up and running of the VR Tennis Game was great. Everyone who tried it really enjoyed the game. We found VR Vision to be great and very professional. We came to them a bit late in the game, but they were great and turned things around quickly. Even when we threw some last minute curve balls, VR Vision was always happy to adapt. The VR Tennis Game is definitely easy to use and VR Vision Team was great on being on-site helping out at all times. Now we have a turn-key VR Solution that we can use for a number of years and still be the forefront of entertainment and experience.”

Ben Makarenko
Marketing Director
Tennis Canada

VR Vision are helping us to develop VR training capabilities in a way that mitigated a number of training challenges. We chose to create the platform using Unity for Oculus Quest, which is a self-contained headset and is therefore significantly easier to ship and set up.

From there, they got to work creating the animations and procedures for our technicians based on the specifications that we provided to them about specific tasks. We worked together to create and implement criteria to measure how well those tasks are being completed, and they have also developed analytics so that we can measure those performances objectively against other data.

Just the quality of the work alone has made the project entirely worth it. Almost everything they create is even better than the last project, because they are incredibly committed to continuing to innovate and being the leaders in their industry, which is really tough when it comes to VR. That has helped us to stay on the cutting edge as well, which we really appreciate.

Sam Akey
Manager, Renewables Training & Innovation
Avangrid Renewables

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