6 Ways To Use 360 Video Applications At Trade Shows

Tradeshow image, featuring an art exhibit

360 video applications are essentially virtual reality applications with 360 videos integrated as the main visual medium. They have the benefit of being capable of adding any sort of functionality to your application, including featuring additional content, user decisions, analytics tracking, survey delivery and much more. In this article, I’ll be discussing the main uses for 360 video applications from my experience speaking with our customers interested in trade show content.


Brand Feature

A brand feature will cover the core of your business, explaining what really makes your business unique and why you do what you do. It can utilize many of your existing assets by featuring a variety of your previously developed marketing content such as videos, photo galleries, infographics and more. This is a great opportunity to truly craft your tradeshow delivery into the perfect presentation and turn it into something repeatable and guaranteed to deliver the message perfectly every time. This is in contrast to having your tradeshow representatives deliver the message with room for error.  In the example below Samsung featured a 360 snowboard experience to showcase their release of the Gear VR Launch.


Meet The Professionals

Your most skilled employees and executives don’t have time to attend every industry trade show. It would be great if they could be on-hand to speak directly to your potential customers. The best alternative to that is to record the most common topics your skilled team members would discuss with potential clients, in their own workspace, as a stereoscopic 360 video.


A VR application additionally allows the viewer to choose the topics they’re interested in learning about most from your team members, as they can choose from a list of professions and subjects within that profession.


Day in the Life Of

When you’re interested in sharing more of your company culture, a 360 video following the day in the life of one of your employees can give a clear idea of what the inner life of your company really looks like and it immerses them in your company culture. It can be a day which they are doing a variety of work and can include visits to various departments. This is typically narrated by the employee, either through a voiceover or a recording while they’re on set.


Product Showcase

360 video is a great way to demonstrate large products such as machinery or showcase many small products in some type of arrangement such as an existing showroom. In a virtual reality application, it will allow an increased level of interactivity, such as choosing to see a demonstration of which features the viewer is most interested in or viewing additional content related to a product. This will teach your guests more about their favourite products.


VR Vision Standalone VR Product Showcase Demo

Process Showcase

Similar to a product showcase, a process showcase will allow the viewer to explore the specialized processes your company has developed, to showcase your advanced methods of attaining your high-quality results. This can include the equipment you’re using, the specialized skills your labour team is utilizing, and the facility where it all happens.


Printing Machine Process in VR

Company Tour

A facility tour is a more general digital tour of your company. It can include content from all the above-mentioned uses. This gives the viewer the freedom to choose which aspect of your business they’re most interested in exploring. This is extremely useful in more general trade shows, as the target market of the event could mean people visiting from many different professions. This is extremely beneficial to provide specific information without needing your tradeshow representatives to know about a wide variety of topics involving your business.

As you can see, there are many uses for 360 video applications at trade shows, and the great part about it is that they can all be consolidated into one application if desired. This allows you to build an application in pieces and consolidate it into one larger experience over time. This way your efforts have continuous benefits and your trade show exhibits will be improved permanently.

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