11 Ways 360° Video Can Enhance Your Training System


There is a wide variety of ways to deliver training these days. The options are almost endless between interactive software, training videos, old-fashioned study books, coaching, mentoring, and many others.

We are going to discuss a new type of training that you may not have heard about before, 360° degree video training. These training videos add to the value of training videos, creating a more immersive training experience and improving retention of information, while catering to many learning styles. They integrate with current training platforms and can be used by various devices. These are just a few of the benefits, and we are going to cover the top 11 reasons 360° video training can enhance your training process.

  • Immersive/Engaging – 360° degree video immerses the trainee into their area of work and teach them about their surroundings. Particularly with a virtual reality headset, it allows you to stand face-to-face with your trainer or coach virtually.
  • Cross-Device – These videos can be viewed in a virtual reality headset to increase the immersive experience. The same video can be used across a mobile device, tablet or desktop. Additionally, the platform it is administered on can also be used across these devices, so you can provide information and test all in one place.
  • Cost Reduction – Training is one of the most expensive costs to any business, and 360° video can reduce those costs. It can reduce the time skilled employees are training new employees, reduce the amount of training sessions you have to plan, and cut down on the amount of travel to those sessions.
  • Caters to a variety of learning styles – This type of learning allows for many types of learners to get the most out of the training. 360° video provides immersive video and potential for directional audio. Directional audio allows for specific sounds to be heard at higher volumes when you are facing in the direction it’s coming from. The transcript of the video can also be used for learners who prefer to read or have any hearing impairment.
  • Interaction – When paired with a multimedia platform, the trainee can put what they’ve learned to use immediately, by making decisions. This can either be through a test or additional video to show the outcome of making potential decisions.
  • Scalable/Flexible – Through an online platform the training can be deployed across the country or the world very quickly. Standardized processes can be taught by highly skilled employees, and then integrated with the on-site training. In comparison to 3D virtual reality experiences, it offers a more cost-effective to have as the standard method of training throughout an organization. This comes at the expense of the full immersive of full virtual reality experiences.
  • Accessible – 360° video provides a more immersive experience to remote employees. You won’t have to send out your skilled employees to train them as often, and you can do one set of training for locations outside the close vicinity of where the training was developed. Your employees can also access the training wherever they may be, through a desktop or mobile device.
  • Secure – The platform the training is hosted on can be fully secured through network security, password protection, encryption and hosting protection. This ensures your trade-secrets are kept secret.
  • Easily Integrated – The 360° video can be integrated with all types of multimedia and web pages. This allows for flexibility on the layout to ensure it works best for your unique business and industry.
  • Insight – Through the platform it’s administered, detailed analytics tracking can be set up so that you can keep track of progress, interactions and optimize the training further.
  • Workplace culture – The potential for viewing a video, while feeling as if you’re face to face with the trainer gives you more of a sense of workplace culture than traditional video. It almost feels as if you are in the workplace, you can see everything going on around you, and you can observe the body languages of all those in that workplace. You may observe how they speak to each other, and better get to know what might be expected of you.

The 360° video  isn’t meant to cover the entire training process, it’s meant to integrate with your current plan and improve the effectiveness of your direct training through thorough preparation. This is an opportunity to reduce costs, improve employee engagement and scale higher quality training throughout your organization. The value really comes when it is integrated with a training platform which utilizes testing of the trainee right after they have been immersed in information.

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